mardi 1 juillet 2014

BRUSSELS SUMMER ESSENTIALS Open Air Party in the heart of Brussels !

After Work from 5PM on the Terrasse Toison d'or and party till 2AM

1. Get a tan
2. Be happy (Also if you are single / find your lover at B.S.E)
3. Party with your friends
4. Remember that you only live once
5. Have your hair long
6. Not care about tomorrow
7. Do what you want
8. Have the best cocktail in town
9. Meet new people
10. Dance all night long
11. Not care what you look like
12. Have a sexy dress
13. Chase the Dj's
14. Not forget your sunglasses
15. Not care about hangover (That's for tomorrow)
16. Kiss Attar! all nightlong
17. Dance with Polux
18. Offer a drink to Amaury
19. Put your hand onto the Jordan Rag sexy hair
20. Surprise yourself and discover what you're able to do at the Brussels Summer Essentials

ATTARI (Eskimo Rec)

Jordan Rag (Dolores Bar)

Terrasse Toison d'Or
Avenue de la toison d'Or 16
Gulden-Vlieslaan 16

Table Booking : 0479 95 63 95

Free entrance between 5PM / 8PM
After 8PM / 5€

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