mardi 20 mai 2014

The Knife - Without You My Life Would Be Boring, Shaken-Up

On June 17th, The Knife are digitally releasing Shaken-Up Versions a mini album of classic tracks reworked especially for the band’s recent North American leg of their Shaking The Habitual Tour.

To preview the new versions, the Shaken-Up version of Without You My Life Would Be Boring is being released today, accompanied by a video directed by Bitte Andersson, and remixes by rROXYMORE, J. Phlip and Kat Knix.

Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Version + Remixes):

Shaken-Up Versions mini album:

See the full track list for the Shaken-Up Versions mini album here.

Sia - Chandelier (Official Video)

The official director's cut for "Chandelier" directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, featuring Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms. Download "Chandelier" on iTunes New album "1000 Forms of Fear" out July 8th. 

Sia Selfie:

Her music video has captivated audiences worldwide. Sia was here to recreate her stunning video, complete with the astounding performance by 11-year-old Maddie!

vendredi 16 mai 2014

ZUKUNFT and PIKNIK 7 Years Birthday Bash with EGOKIND live at Bazaar Club

They are back from hibernation ! 

They needed some time off to catch their breath after a number of events that they had the pleasure to invite you to back last year such as Piknik, Zukunft Roof Top as well as Zukunft boat parties. 

The good news, however, is that the preparations for 2014 are going full speed. 

What better way to take the first steps towards the estival season than with the 7 Years Anniversary of Zukunft and Piknik ?

EGOKIND live [Traum Schallplatten / Lenient Tales - DE]

ANDRI SØREN live [Neon Type - UK / IS]

Artwork by Masaki Mizuno [Japan]

Graphic by Ambre Binamé

Bazaar Club
Rue des Capucins, 68
1000 Brussels

Zukunft and Piknik support Shrivasta asbl [Nepal]

If you fancy a before go and check out Festival Monofonic

And don't forget the after party at your local polling station on Sunday:

vendredi 2 mai 2014


OPUS & AUDIORAMA join forces to offer you the best experience for your eyes & ears in the brand new venue in Brussels city centre: the POP UP ART CLUB !

Installation / performance / visuals arts curated by OPUS

MORITZ SIMON GEIST presents Drum Robot MR-808

VOIN DE VOIN & JOSEPH MARZOLLA presents Dreamachine

Music curated by AUDIORAMA

KONRAD BLACK (Wagon Repair / Minus / CAN)

FERNANDO COSTANTINI (Audiorama / tINI & The Gang)

SJEF WANDERS (Nurvous Records)

RAPH (Fuse)

VIP Presale Tickets (no queue!): 8eur

8eur from 22h till 00h
10eur after 00h

Come early & leave late :)

Supported by Epaulé Jeté

The Ugly Ducklings at Volksroom - Open Monday.

"The Ugly Duckling":
The Event:

costume desgin & make-up : Nathan French
photographer : Jean-pol Lejeune

Open Monday : Volksroom Brussels
 — avec Volksroom Brussels et 3 autres personnes.