vendredi 16 mai 2014

ZUKUNFT and PIKNIK 7 Years Birthday Bash with EGOKIND live at Bazaar Club

They are back from hibernation ! 

They needed some time off to catch their breath after a number of events that they had the pleasure to invite you to back last year such as Piknik, Zukunft Roof Top as well as Zukunft boat parties. 

The good news, however, is that the preparations for 2014 are going full speed. 

What better way to take the first steps towards the estival season than with the 7 Years Anniversary of Zukunft and Piknik ?

EGOKIND live [Traum Schallplatten / Lenient Tales - DE]

ANDRI SØREN live [Neon Type - UK / IS]

Artwork by Masaki Mizuno [Japan]

Graphic by Ambre Binamé

Bazaar Club
Rue des Capucins, 68
1000 Brussels

Zukunft and Piknik support Shrivasta asbl [Nepal]

If you fancy a before go and check out Festival Monofonic

And don't forget the after party at your local polling station on Sunday:

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