vendredi 18 avril 2014

LAST DAYS OF, the anniversary edition • Brussels

La Garçonnière Prod presents

Jump down on the ring and celebrate with us

One year it was and, oh boy, what a year!
Let's battle, for fun, love and dance,

It's London vs Berlin,

It's Brussels' challenging and enjoying,
So come and choose your champion 

It's LAST DAYS OF, the anniversary edition


// CATHAL // Dish, Clam Jam, SPC // London

From Dalston Superstore to Vogue Fabrics, his multiple talents are well known throughout London, notably East, and we are thrilled to have him back in Brussels, still remembering his tunes & presence as our very first guest.

The man behind CATHAL (artist + DJ) aka Cocoa PartyBoy, aka PACKIN'C and one half of the London P.S party collective, loves sleazy bassline, vocal high points and smart hooks. His favoured genres go from Chicago to New York House, deep & sleazy, street & dub, pop & italo and everything that constitutes the GOOD 90's in order to create that sleazy London vibe.

His tag line "COME FOR FUN" speaks volume about his party intentions... Welcome back, boy!

// DEEPNEUE // Schwuz, R19 // Berlin

We are very excited to welcome DJ-producer-performer DEEPNEUE for the first time in Brussels and have him join the gang of LAST DAYS OF!

Multitalented portuguese artist Braulio Bandeira has been working in theater, performance and dance for various notable directors in Europe and with his own company, Brauliobox. After creating together with "Plus Belle La Nuit" the crazy-queer party Bunny Slut Club in Lyon, France, Braulio moves to Berlin where he's now working under his producer-DJ name, DEEPNEUE. He is a regular DJ at Berlin's parties such as BEITOLA, mixing tech-house-electro tunes and got his own productions of more experimental techno with a deep ambient twist.

Visuals by Cathal & La Garçonnière Prod


Saturday 26 April - 23.00

Place de la Chapelle 6
BE-1000 Brussels

Admissions: 5 euros (before 00.30) / 8 euros (after 00.30)

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